20 August 2020: How to lead authentically in a male-dominated space

Humans excel at mimicking to fit in. Finding a leadership style is no different. It is easy to adopt management styles from your previous managers - however, if all examples are from male leaders, it may be a challenge to find your own authentic style.

This session began with Yolanda Mabuto’s inspiring story as a woman in leadership and she shared key tips from her experience. Dr Johann Oostenbrink tested the audience to figure out how people respond in unjust situations and also provided a framework for understanding that it is important to shift from an anxiety or problem-based outlook to an outcomes-based outlook.

Watch the webinar for great tips and to also see the questions raised by attendees about criticism, the evolution of one’s leadership style and gender-stereotypes.

"Listen to know what you don't know"

-Yolanda Mabuto


Yolanda Mabuto

Dr Johann Oostenbrink