30 Sep, 2020: How to excel at performance reviews and interviews

Throughout your career, you are bound to find yourself in performance reviews and job interviews.

Performance reviews can be a great tool for career development and to facilitate employee engagement. However, as a woman, you may find that you are receiving vague feedback that makes it impossible to distil what to work on. Women are more likely to receive feedback like:

“You had a good year.” or “People like working with you.”

Great to hear, but it does not really help you grow. How do you prepare and navigate performance reviews in order to get the most out of it?

Then you may find yourself shortlisted for your dream position. How do you go about preparing to ace the interview? When you receive the joboffer - do you accept it or negotiate a better offer you deserve?

This month we heard from two speakers who provided practical advice to navigate performance reviews and the interview process.


Laura James


Methuli Mbanjwa