May 21, 2020: Launch Event - Power of a wide network and mentoring

The #WEConnect launch event was held on 21 May 2020. The inaugural webinar was attended by 64 women and men from five different countries to discuss the art of networking and mentorship. (South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Netherlands and the UK).

Our incredible speakers ensured that attendees were engaged, challenged and motivated to make connections. Kristina Miller introduced us to Great Girls and their success story, showing the positive impact we can have on society when we empower, mentor, guide and inspire younger women. Michele Doyle shared her personal journey of growth and development.  

Here are our favourite takeaway messages:

  • Networking is a lot about: "what can I give" and this leads to reciprocal actions
  • Asking for advice is not a sign of weakness
  • Networking is not about the size of your business card stack, but rather about making the right and real connections
  • Reverse mentoring, where a mentor learns from the mentee, is powerful and often unexpected
  • You can be a connector, connecting people with people and ideas with ideas


Michele Doyle,

Kristina Miller,